Want to know my secret to paying off $80,000 of debt before the age of 30? Learning to delay gratification and planning out purchases. For me, I had to buckle down and my planned purchases ranged from big-ticket purchases to clothing for work. This big “secret” sounds like a no-brainer, right? But this can be a very difficult task for many people. So I want to share some of my quick tips to ensure you always get the best price at checkout!

Coupons and Rewards

It’s very rare that I pay full price for clothing/accessories or electronics. Follow these tips to save online or in-store:

  1. I always go to a store’s website right before going to the checkout lane to ensure there is not a special 10% off deal going on. No matter what store you’re in, always check the site for an additional coupon to show at the register!
  2. Sign-up for the store’s loyalty reward program online before checking out. Typically, you will receive some sort of coupon via email within 20 minutes of signing up. For example, JCPenney sends out a 20% off coupon instantly for signing up for their reward program.
  3. Check to see if the store has a phone app. Store apps usually have special incentives for saving. For example, Target’s Cartwheel app has simple search functions for coupons. I have saved an extra 10% off of sale prices just from using the app and showing the barcode at the register.
  4. Perform a Google search for a promo code before making payment for an online purchase. Retailmenot.com has pretty good promo codes that can save on shipping cost or total shopping purchase!

Get the Kids Involved

It’s important that school-age students understand that items vary in price at different stores. The following activity is geared towards students 3rd grade and up.

  1. Start a discussion with your children centered around shopping for their favorite item. For example, remind them that they ask for candy or chips while out shopping.
  2. What’s the price? Ask if they are aware of the price of the item(s) discussed at step 1.
  3. Is there a place to purchase the item(s) at a lower price? Many children may have never considered having an item purchased at a lower price.
  4. Click here to complete an activity to apply learnings from steps 1 – 3. The objective of the activity is to select the store that probably has the lowest price for the item at the top of each page. After each person makes their choice on the slide; everyone should look up the price of the item at each store online to see who was correct!

Your Turn

Share with us some of your best tips for avoiding paying full price on items by tweeting us at @FG_garden or connecting with us on Facebook

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