Financial Lessons usually begin with teaching budgeting and saving. The concept of earning extra income instead of instantly cutting back is not discussed as often as it should. I’ll admit when I first began my journey of killing nearly $80k of debt, I only thought about cutting back. Towards the tail end of my journey, I began thinking of ways to generate extra income to pay off debt faster. Let’s think of some ways for you to generate extra income, now!

  1. Think of what you are talented in. If nothing comes to mind ask three co-workers and/or friends what they think your best talent is.
  2. Find out if there is an immediate need for your talent by checking out sites like FiverrPeopleperhourGuru, and Freelancer.
  3. If your talent is not an immediate need that can be filled, maybe you could solve an immediate need! Consider trying a side hustle like driving for LyftUber or working for home delivery companies like Shipt. These sites allow you to make your own hours.

Easy enough, right? Now get to planting!

What are some creative ways you have used to bulk up your income? Let us know on Twitter @FG_Garden!

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